Mission Statement

Sempre Avanti™ which means, "always moving forward", is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization whose mission is to provide support to ALL Italians: individuals, businesses, organizations, and associations, both in the US and Italy. As a resource center, we will provide a multitude of services and develop strategic alliances that not only benefit both parties, but will also enhance our shared culture and heritage, to move Italians forward.
"Sempre Avanti e' una organizzazione senza scopo di lucro la cui missione principale e' quella di fornire assistenza a TUTTI gli Italiani: individui, aziende, organizzazioni e associazioni, sia in USA che in Italia. Come un centro risorse vi forniremo una molteplicita' di servizi e lo sviluppo di alleanze strategiche che vadano a beneficio non solo ad entrambe le parti, ma che servono a migliorare la nostra cultura e la valorizzazione del nostro patrimonio comune, per portare sempre avanti gli Italiani."

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As the end of the business year approaches, our firm is reviewing our 2013 business alliances to determine which relationships have brought us the most visibility, awareness and connections throughout the Italian American community. I am pleased to report that my partner in Rome (avv. Giampaolo Girardi) and I agree that our affiliation with Sempre Avanti was the most beneficial non-print media channel to promote and advertise here in the US our family law services throughout Italy (www.italylawyerforamericans.com) - As you know, we readily agreed to be sponsors from the founding of the Sempre Avanti site - Our website visits increased dramatically once our banner ad and listing was activated - Our presence on the website is a public expression of our commitment to the Italian American community - Our website listing provides a validated professional reference for our integrity and the quality of our services Best wishes for the continued success of Sempre Avanti organization. Italy Lawyers For Americans looks forward to a long affiliation with your organization. Kind regards, Michael Eckstein

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