• Always Best Care

    Always Best Care LogoLiz Johnson, President and CEO of Always Best Care Senior Services, is dedicated to serving elders in need and those medically disabled that cannot advocate for themselves.  She has modeled her agency, with heightened compassion and superior excellence because she knows all too well how overwhelming and devastating it can be to care for an aging parent, relative, or spouse.  This passion in advocating for families stems from her own personal journey in caring and advocating for her mother diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and younger brother who battled colon cancer.

    Always Best Care Senior Services, has a talented team of certified home health aides that are thoroughly screened, bonded, insured and background checked to provide the safest and highest level of care.

    Liz has a Business Degree in Marketing from Fordham University in New York.  Her 20 years of extensive healthcare and patient advocacy experience as a former executive in top rated biotech and pharmaceutical companies “screamed” the perfect recipe to help others age gracefully and with dignity.  Additionally, Liz serves on several healthcare boards and mentors young professionals.

  • Next Generation Trust Company


    Next Generation Trust Company is a licensed trust company chartered and regulated in South Dakota. The mission of Next Generation Trust Company is to provide clients with the tools and support necessary for them to “control their futures, today” by investing in self-directed retirement plans with a wide variety of investments that are not typically found in an IRA, such as real estate, precious metals, notes and mortgages, private placements, accounts receivables, limited partnerships, hedge funds, and much more.  This mission is fulfilled by educating individuals and their trusted advisors about the many options and benefits of self-direction as a retirement wealth building strategy. Next Generation Trust Company acts as the custodian of accounts and is serviced by its sister company, Next Generation Services. Located in Roseland, NJ, Next Generation Services is a professional third-party administrator of self-directed retirement plans, providing administrative support and account maintenance.
    The company initiative was borne out of the philosophy that everyone should have the knowledge and the tools to plan for a worry-free retirement and become less dependent on an outside source of income such as social security. By guiding clients about self-direction, they can develop a retirement portfolio that reflects a diverse range of alternative assets—a portfolio that they control.
  • MegayachtNews.com

    Megayacht News logo

    MegayachtNews.com is the first, and only, independent website devoted to educating American luxury-yacht owners and buyers. Founded in 2007 by Diane M. Byrne, the granddaughter of a Sicilian immigrant, it helps these savvy consumers and their representatives make better-informed decisions when it comes to commissioning and using their yachts. Equally important, MegayachtNews.com only publishes all-original content, for real stories of real interest.

  • Italocanadese.com

    Italocanadese.com started as a simple idea. Founder Agata De Santis realized that first, second and third generation Italian Canadians who had an affinity for their culture were ignored by traditional Italian Canadian media. The traditional Italian-language publications, radio programs and community television shows – with little or no presence online – simply did not keep up with how the new generation gets its news and information. Equipped with years of experience covering the Italian-Canadian community as a freelance writer and reporter, Agata set out to create a blog about “all things Italian Canadian.” It was a labor of love for two years, until Agata decided it was time to turn Italocanadese.com into the online magazine she always imagined it could be. The new Italocanadese.com launched in August of 2012. In January of 2014, Italocanadese launched the Italo Web Series. The website covers people, events, issues and traditions across Canada – all with an Italian Canadian touch.


  • Competitive Signs

    CaptureCompetitive Signs & Graphics can help your business Stand-Out, Invite the Viewer in, and Communicate the Message through Signs and Branding outside and inside.

  • Lawrence R. Pappas, CPA, P.C.

    pappas450Lawrence R. Pappas, CPA, P.C. is a firm dedicated to the growth and prosperity of small businesses and middle market companies. Our services are personalized to add value to your business and assist you in staying competitive in this challenging economic environment.  We have worked with clients throughout New Jersey and New York for over two decades, and we recognize the importance of a trustworthy accountant who not only saves you money on your taxes but also helps with crucial business decisions throughout the year.  At Lawrence R. Pappas, CPA, P.C. we’ll give you numbers you can count on!

  • Cara’s Cucina

    caraCara’s Cucina is an internet based cooking and food show! From recipes and restaurants, to farms and groceries, we cover everything food related! We’re telling stories from the kitchen table. Visit the site and search #cucina to see more!

  • Pastosa/ Richmond Road Ravioli, Inc.

    Capture Pastosa located at 1076 Richmond Road, Staten Island, NY, offers pastas, deli specialties, meats, cheeses, and imported goods just like nearly all other Pastosa locations, but has opened its own produce section and an extended refrigerated section, stocking its own butcher’s meats, gelato, yogurt pints and  fruit sorbets, seafoods, and vegetables. This location acts as the neighborhood’s grocer, as there are few nearby places to shop, making Pastosa a very convenient one-stop shop for many customers, both Italian and Non-Italians. They pay close attention not to lose any authenticity, such items as mozzarella and many other counter staples are made and cooked by hand daily. Contact them at 718-667-2194 to shop for your authentic Italian products and tell them Sempre Avanti sent you!

  • Arbonne – Michelle Blodgett

    arbonne-logogoldRead a great book? Found a restaurant you love? Incredible sale on shoes? Naturally, you’re going to tell people about it. With Arbonne, sharing your love for products can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Sharing your love for the Arbonne opportunity can lead to product sales and a successful business. So redirecting your spending on items you already purchase, just makes incredible sense! You will look better, feel better and enjoy the rewards of the Arbonne experience.

    What makes Arbonne products superior? They are naturally inspired, and scientifically proven. By integrating the most beneficial botanical ingredients from nature with the principles of green chemistry — we craft products with integrity, expertise and innovation. And we do it responsibly, taking care of our earth at the same time.

    I invite you to take a look at Arbonne….. Choosing to make your life and the lives of those you love healthier is only the beginning. Working with people who are making that difference, will inspire you to reach all of the goals you dream about. It’s just like follow the leader……but with Arbonne, we are all leaders!!!
    Ordering from the website is easy and make sure to take advantage of the perks of becoming a preferred client. Becoming an independent consultant will change your life and put you among the most successful leaders, both women and men. Arbonne success comes from all walks of life….moms, dads, teachers, physicians. You name it, they are a part of Arbonne. What are you waiting for??

    Michelle Blodgett
    973-876-5919 cell

  • Magic Family Getaways


    Magic Family Getaways provides complementary travel planning services for Disney vacations.

    We are a family run agency with extensive experience in the travel industry and corporate client service/sales and marketing for over 12 years. Combined we have visited Walt Disney World more than 50 times, since our first family trip in 1983, honeymooned in 1997 and so many trips over the last 18 years its difficult to count, cruised on Disney Cruise Line several times and visited Disneyland in California. We believe this extensive Disney experience combined with strong corporate and travel experience provides our clients with knowledge about planning a wonderful Disney vacation without ever leaving anyone feeling overwhelmed about their vacation planning experience.

    We Strongly Believe…
    1. In the quality and value of the Disney brand.
    2. Importance of lifetime memories.
    3. In sharing the Magic of Disney with you and your family.
    4. Whether it’s your 1st or 100th trip, each vacation experience is special and unique.
    5. Close attention to detail the “Disney Way”.

    All our agents are serious about their business, deliver the best client service, have extensive experience with the Disney brand and the travel industry. We provide our guests with the following:
    • Personalized vacation plan for your family. Assistance before, during and after your vacation.
    • We will find the best value for your money for your vacation. They will monitor the cost of your vacation and make sure you always pay the lowest price.
    • There is never a charge for our service and there are no hidden fees.
    • Our consultants will be pleased to give you tips on how to chose the right combination of fun, activities and Disney Magic! They will advise on excursions, transportation, “must do’s”, parades, fireworks, restaurants, meal plans, golf, tennis, archery, horseback riding and so much more.
    Sit back, relax and travel hassle free. No need to spend hours searching for your next Disney getaway, let us do all the work for you while you have all the fun!